Three of your favorite Kentucky bourbons use 100% non-GMO corn

Three of your favorite Kentucky bourbons use 100% non-GMO corn

100% non-GMO corn bourbons in Kentucky

The organic, non-GMO movement has been around for a long time, a lot longer than many remember. Watching old TV shows is a reminder that organic food and drink has been important to people for a long time. Beyond organic shopping, farm-to-fork restaurants enjoy an endless stream of reservations. Whether out for a fun dinner or having a relaxing evening at home, introduce a non-GMO cocktail into your evening with select bourbons.

Bourbon makers are known for their attention to detail and are attuned to customers’ want for something handcrafted. Maker’s Mark uses grains produced in their own county and most other Kentucky bourbon distilleries aim to use grains grown within the state. However, there is not enough grain available in Kentucky to satisfy the international demand for bourbon. A few bourbon distilleries use 100 percent non-GMO corn. This selection is impressive when you consider that about 85 percent of corn grown in the United States is GMO corn, and bourbon must be made of 51 percent corn.

Wild Turkey, Four Roses, and Buffalo Trace are still three bourbon distilleries in Kentucky that use only non-GMO corn in various whiskeys that they produce. It is odd that these distilleries do not advertise the non-GMO corn considering the popularity of these ingredients. If you look closely you can see the message “ Whiskeys distilled using 100% non-GMO corn” on the bottom of Buffalo Trace products. And the other distilleries have mentioned it quietly here and there, but not the blaring trumpets one would expect.

Bourbon is not the only non-GMO whiskey and more popular brands used non-GMO grains exclusively. Jack Daniels had a long-standing commitment to use non-GMO corn, but that may soon be changing for a lot of distilleries. There is a shrinking supply of non-GMO corn so these distilleries can’t keep up with the demand for their products using this ingredient.

Wild Turkey doesn’t use GMO corn because little is known about the long-term effects of this ingredient in regard to taste and body. They don’t want to waste 15 years of aging bourbon in an oak barrel to find that it’s all wrong. Four Roses has access to a lot of non-GMO corn as Seagram’s, the distillery’s former owner, grew its own corn and that reserve is still available.

Just to be safe, stock up now on your favorite non-GMO whiskey and enjoy the high quality spirits after they run out. 

19th Jun 2015