The Best Wine and Spirits for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, do you have the wine and spirits you need to keep your guests happy? Here are 10 wine and spirit choices we will be stocking up on this holiday season!

wine and spirits


  1. Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay 2009

    This wine is infused with tropical flavors, such as pineapple, mango, and papaya, with citrus notes throughout. The flavors are delicately intertwined with the aroma of vanilla and honey, which creates a nice depth and balance throughout. This medium-bodied, crisp, dry, fruity Chardonnay is perfect for all your holiday needs.

  2. Chateau Ste Michelle Dry Riesling 2012

    This dry, crisp, refreshing wine is full of beautiful fruit flavors and crisp acidity accompanied by an elegant finish. The inviting floral and mandarin aromas will leave your visitors wanting more. As a very versatile food wine, it will surely go with your holiday meal.

  3. Graham's Late Bottled Vintage Port 2007

    This Port is made to mimic much pricier “vintage” Port. What makes it a perfect match for cheese plates and late-night fireside chats is its sweet, bold, black fruit, chocolate, and spice taste.

  4. Bodegas Artadi Tempranillo

    This wine has a pure, modern flavor accompanied by notes of oak. Flavors of red fruit and licorice are also present in this very drinkable wine. It is fresh and pairs well with food. The versatility of this wine is evident, while it pairs well with pork, grilled, or roasted entrees.

  5. 3 Rings Shiraz

    This wine comes in with a mulberry and white pepper aroma accompanied by a licorice and pepper note that inflects plush blackberry fruit. It pairs well with everything from grilled meats, stews, and braises, to chocolate and mint desserts.

wine and spirits


  1. Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Sonoma Cutrer - Pinot Noir Finish

    Each year, Master Distiller Chris Morris puts out a special release of Woodford Reserve. According to reviews, this year’s is the most special one he’s ever done. This bourbon is a woody WR and finished in fruity Pinot Noir casks, which brings out a whole new side of this Kentucky classic. Make sure to get this bourbon before it sells out – once it is sold out, it’s gone!

  2. Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch 1

    This is the first batch of Balvenie’s Tun 1509 single malt Scotch whisky. It is comprised of seven European oak Sherry butts and thirty-five American oak barrels. This was married together for several months, which created an exotic, rich taste with notes of well-burnt sugar, coffee, dried figs and raisins. With a touch of coal fire smoke, this is a drink that will surely please.

  3. Louis Royer VSOP

    This bottle of cognac, a blend of top crus, won a Gold Medal in the 2004 Concours General Agricole in France. This cognac has hints of peach, crisp blackcurrants, ripe raisins and figs accompanied by soft almond notes. Subtle hints of cocoa, vanilla, and woody notes are present due to the amount of time spent in oak barrels around the finish.

  4. Suntory Hibiki 21 Year Whisky

    This cognac-like whiskey has clear tones of sweetness throughout. While the palate starts out slightly hot, it develops more of a honey character accompanied by brown sugar notes. The drink finishes off with some red fruits, sherry, red peppers, and a bit of marshmallow.

  5. Beefeater Burroughs Reserve Gin

    This gin, distilled in very small batches, has a nose reminiscent of modern gins. The intense juniper notes of traditional Beefeater are absent, but are replaced with notes of camphor, licorice, citrus peel, and sea salt. Classic gin components, such as angelica, light lemon, orange, white flowers, and vanilla also accompanies this surprisingly sweet and creamy gin. 

15th Dec 2014 Marcel Olshansky