Summer Everclear Infusions

Everclear has quite the reputation—there aren’t too many commercially-available 191 proof grain alcohols in the USA. There’s actually nothing inherently dangerous about Everclear, as long as you use it the way it was intended: as a clean, neutral slate for homemade infusions.

You can find 190 proof Everclear at Liquor Barn—and lots of incredible infusion recipes on their website. Here are some of our favorites, perfect for the summer. The one ingredient besides Everclear you’ll need for these recipes is time; while the prep for these recipes is relatively easy, you’ll need at least an hour, but sometimes days, to let the ingredients steep for a velvety smooth taste.


This delicious Italian liqueur is usually enjoyed as a digestive after a large meal. Since lemons are a summer fruit now is the perfect time to make it. It’s pretty easy to make: you peel the zest of 10 organic lemons and infuse them for at least 4 days in Everclear. Then add simple syrup and let the whole mixture sit for as long as you like. Get the recipe here.

Hibiscus Liqueur

Hibiscus is gorgeous, both in color and flavor. This tropical flower can be purchased dried from specialty grocery stores or world food shops. To make this delicious crimson liqueur, infuse the flowers with everclear and water. As far as infusions go, this one is pretty quick: just an hour or two is all you need. Then add simple syrup and bottle the liqueur in a cool dry place. Get the recipe here.

Watermelon Jalapeño Liqueur

Watermelon and jalapeño might seem like natural enemies, but this sweet and spicy concoction deserves a try. First you do a quick infusion of the pepper, cut into slices, in Everclear. 10-15 minutes should do it. Then you add the watermelon for at least a couple days. It will disintegrate so you’ll need a fine mesh strainer to remove the chunks. The end result is a beautiful pink drink with just a little bit of kick at the end. Of course, you can also do this without the jalapeño if you prefer your summer drinks all sweet, no spicy. Get the recipe here.

Strawberry Ginger Vodka

Vodka doesn’t have to be made from potatoes alcohol, and this infusion shows just how versatile Everclear can be. A combination of summer-fresh strawberries, spicy ginger, and just a little simple syrup to balance out the ABV makes for a potent, unique vodka drink. You have to give this one a good shake while it’s infusing, otherwise it won’t be as smooth. Once you finish though, you’ll have yourself a delicious base for some very summery cocktails. Get the recipe here. 

4th Aug 2017