Spring is almost here! Fresh fruit and vegetable cocktail infusions for March.

Spring is almost here! Fresh fruit and vegetable cocktail infusions for March.

I don’t know about you, but with February over and spring right around the corner I can finally almost feel my fingers and toes again! That’s pretty exciting news. As the days get a tiny bit longer and not quite so brutally cold, now is a great time to bust out the cocktail shaker and sip on something for spring. There are quite a few spring fruits and vegetables that should be making their way into grocery stores sometime this month, and you can create some pretty awesome alcohol infusions with them. Here are some ideas for springtime cocktails to celebrate the end of winter. Then head on over to Liquor Barn to pick up the right provisions for your drinks.

Radish-infused Bloody Mary

Wait, radishes in alcohol? What? Yes, radishes. In vodka. Radishes are a spring-time delight, with just a little bit of a peppery kick, and are absolutely delicious infused in vodka. The next time you decide to make a BM, try infusing a jar of vodka with freshly picked radishes overnight. Then use it in your favorite Bloody Mary recipe. Your taste buds will thank you for this refreshing flavor infusion.

Rhubarb Dark and Stormy

Rhubarb is not just for putting into pies with strawberries. This tart and slightly sweet vegetable goes deliciously well with spiced rum and strong ginger beer to create an epic cocktail. Fresh-picked rhubarb gets boiled down with sugar and water for a quick simple syrup, then you add it to your favorite brand of rum – Bacardi will do just fine – and mix it up with ginger beer and a generous twist of lime. The only thing missing will be the Caribbean heatwave, sorry. You can find the recipe for this delicious cocktail on the Serious Eats Blog.

Apricot Old Fashioned

Apricots are some of the sweetest, most delightful fruits of spring. You can practically taste the sunshine in every bite of a fresh apricot. So if you love these Mediterranean fruits and are keen on a little bit of kitchen chemistry, you should try making this slightly complicated take on a classic bourbon old fashioned. You’ll take the usual combination of Jack Daniel’s, bitters and sparkling water – plus add a generous dash of apricot balsamic reduction. This ain’t your granddad’s Old Fashioned! Find the recipe for this drink at Eat Feed Love.

Strawberries and Booze

While you can find strawberries on the shelves year-round, they have to be imported from Mexico or South America during the winter, which means they won’t taste nearly as sweet or be as fresh as when the harvest starts again in the USA in March. Once those domestic strawberries make it to your local grocery, get a pack of them fresh. Then check out one of these six cocktail recipes – from margaritas to mojitos – and enjoy!

31st Mar 2017