Release the Kraken: 4 Delicious Spiced Rum Dessert Recipes

Release the Kraken: 4 Delicious Spiced Rum Dessert Recipes

Kraken Rum, apart from having one of the coolest branding concepts out there and one of the gnarliest label designs there is, happens to be an excellent spiced rum for drinking and mixing classics such as rum & Coke or Cuba Libre. But we would be doing a disservice to you if we didn’t share our favorite use for Kraken Rum, which is not as a drink, but as a spicy, rich accent to desserts. 

Spiced rum is actually quite popular when it comes to making dessert, especially baked goods. If you’ve got a party coming up and want to incorporate booze into the after dinner treats, try making one of these four spiced rum dessert recipes, and use Kraken Rum for a guaranteed delicious finish. 

Spiced Rum Balls

Besides the tipsy giggles you’ll elicit by announcing to your friends that you’d like to pop some balls in your mouth, rum balls are an easy to make and delicious dessert. The combination of Kraken Rum with crushed vanilla wafer cookies, chocolate, and a dusting of confectioner’s sugar takes less than half an hour to make and can sit in your fridge cooling down while you entertain guests. You can find great recipes for rum balls here

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies with Spiced Rum

Everyone loves a chewy, chocolatey brownie, and one of the best brownie mixes out there is made by the San Francisco chocolate company Ghirardelli. While their mix usually calls for you to add milk or water, substitute spiced rum instead. Kraken Rum gives the brownies just a little bit of spicy undertones, especially when they’re hot and fresh out of the oven. Yum! You can usually find Ghirardelli brownie mix in your local supermarket, or if not, order it from them on their website

Spiced Rum Pound Cake

While pound cake on its own isn’t much to write home about, things get a whole lot more interesting once you add a fancy glaze and soak the whole thing in booze. Dessert recipes don’t get much more decadent than cake plus Kraken Rum. Preparing this spiced rum pound cake takes about an hour and a half (including baking time), plus you will need to flip it over to add the glaze and then let the Kraken Rum soak in properly. Once you take the first bite, though, the effort will have been worth it! You can find a great recipe for Spiced Rum Pound Cake here

Bananas Foster with Spiced Rum

There’s almost nothing easier than making Bananas Foster for dessert; it takes barely any time to prep and cook. Basically you flambé slices of banana in a homemade caramel sauce, which you can make with nothing more than butter and brown sugar. Add a nice dash of Kraken Rum into the mix to get something a bit more special. Then serve it immediately on top of a big scoop of vanilla or caramel ice cream for a rich and delicious dessert. You can find a recipe for Bananas Foster here

8th Jul 2016