Perfect End of Summer Party Drinks

Perfect End of Summer Party Drinks

The end of summer is that delicious chance to toast to another year of hard work—assuming you’ve done some—and to wave goodbye to heat of the season. If you’re making the smart choice and throwing a party for you and your buddies, then it’s on you to make sure they stay adequately hydrated.

No doubt everyone will bring a six pack and maybe a few bottles of wine, but why not make your party truly memorable by laying on some more exotic drinks for them?

Here are three of our favorite party drink recipes for an end of summer party. Don’t forget to stop by Liquor Barn for a wide variety of cocktail mixers and spirits!

Pineapple IPA Pitcher

Everyone loves a good craft IPA these days, don’t they? Well, given that the sun should still be out—why not put a bit of a tropical twist on it with something that’s fun to make and oh so refreshing to drink?

A few days before your party (or up to two weeks if you’ve got the time), take fresh pineapple cubes and put them in a clean wide-mouth container, dust with sugar, then mash the cubes slightly until gooey. Cover the mix and refrigerate for 10 hours before straining the fruit off and adding apple vinegar cider to the mix. Seal this liquid in a Tupperware and shake every day. After a few days, you’ll have pineapple shrub as it’s known.

Then, on the day of the party, grab some pitches and mix white rum, the shrub and Orgeat syrup and then refrigerate—then when you’re buddies arrive, slow pour over some IPAs and watch everyone enjoy!

Here’s the recipe.

El Diablo con Limón

Punch! Every good party needs a punch bowl, and why not make one that has a slightly scary sounding name? Otherwise known as tequila punch with cassis and lemon, this one’s easy to make and sure to be a hit.

Take some room-temperature lemons, roll and then slice and juice. But, don’t throw the rinds— instead, cut them into small pieces and toss them with some sugar then place in a sealed bowl and refrigerate along with the lemon juice.

After an hour or so, add tea and 13 ounces of lemon juice together, then strain the resulting mixture. From here, you just need to mix some great tequila, creme de cassis then refrigerate for 10 hours. Finally, pour and enjoy.

Here’s the recipe.

Mezcal Mary with Roasted Jalapeño and Bacon

If your party is starting with a brunch, or perhaps going on until morning, you might want to get guests started with a Bloody Mary. And to ensure that they’re sufficiently woke for proceedings, try this spicy twist.

First things first, kick out the vodka and use some smoky mezcal instead. The recipe also calls for a crispy bacon garnish, while the special ingredient is jalapenos, which should be charred in the oven for about 15 minutes and then pureed for the final mix. Add a final kick by mixing chili flakes, salt, and some lime and then lining it on the glass rim before drinking.

Here’s the recipe.

15th Sep 2017