Our Favorite Fall Cocktails

Summer’s nearly over, we hope it was a hot and sunny one! As the evenings grow shorter and clouds start to linger menacingly on the horizon, like us, you might be scouring your drinks cabinet wondering what liquor is appropriate for a fall season cocktail hour.

Well, the choice is simple my friends. Grab a bottle of Bacardi Oakheart or another favorite rum—be it dark, brown or white—and join us in mixing up one of these delicious rum cocktails. Better yet, invite some friends over and make it a party. Everyone picks a cocktail at random and everyone else acts as judges—you just need to think of some sort of prize for the winner.

Dark and Stormy

It’s a classic. Just three ingredients, artfully mixed, create one of the most refreshing rum drinks known to mankind. Not too sweet nor sour, the key to a perfect dark and stormy is good quality ginger beer—Barritts, from Bermuda, is traditional—a tasty dark rum and a Collins glass for serving. The lime juice can be added to personal taste.

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Silver Daisy

Celebrating something anytime soon? Try mixing your champagne with rum for a toast with a twist! More specifically, take syrup, lime juice, curaçao, rum, and Angostura and give it a good shake with ice, then pour into your champagne flute and enjoy.

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This one’s for the hardcore Scotch drinkers among you. While mixing might be sinful in your religion, we implore you to try it just this once. This brooding drink relies on some good, aged dark rum, Scotch (the peatier the better!) and herbal bitters like Cynar and Bénédictine. If you’re feeling particularly bold you can also rinse the glass with absinthe before pouring to create an intense aftertaste.

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Blackberry Mojito

We know you love Mojito, who doesn’t? And this recipe is perfect if you happen to be living somewhere with blackberries growing nearby… or if not, a Trader Joe's. Take the fresh berries, muddle the hell out of them, mix with some mint leaves at the bottom of your glass, then add in all the usual suspects—rum, sugar, and lime juice. Stir, sit back and enjoy the last faint wisps of summer.

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Pina Kale-ada

Nope, that’s not a typo—rather it’s an oh so hipster play on an 80’s tropical classic. Yep, it’s basically the same old pina colada—but with some kale blended. Whether this adds any discernible health benefits or is just another cynical nod to current health food trends we’re not sure—we’ll have to have a few more to find out!

Get the recipe here (number 5)

1st Sep 2017