Not Your Grandpa’s Iced Tea: 5 of Our Favorite Tea Cocktails

Not Your Grandpa’s Iced Tea: 5 of Our Favorite Tea Cocktails

When the thermometer looks like it’s about to boil the mercury inside it, you know it’s too hot to do much. In the South, that means it’s time for some sweet tea. Normally it’s pretty straightforward: you take several Lipton tea bags, steep them in a small pot of hot water, and then dilute this mixture in a large pitcher filled with ice. Stir in a couple scoops of sugar and you’re all set. But what if you want something stronger than caffeine and sugar in your glass? Check out these delicious hard tea cocktails and cool off this summer -- and don’t forget that you can find the best mixers for your concoctions at Liquor Barn.

Hard Lemonade Iced Tea

A summer classic, the Arnold Palmer is a guaranteed refresher when it’s hot and sticky outside. If you want to kick things up a notch, we recommend adding a splash of Southern Comfort, Jim Beam, or whatever your favorite bourbon is to the mix.

Bourbon Sweet Tea

If you want your tea to come out punching, try this great recipe from Joy the Baker. Maker’s Mark brings the kick, honey brings out a flowery sweetness, and juicy slices of orange add a citrusy tang to this southern libation. Make sure to serve this one with lots and lots of ice.

Iced Green Tea Mojito

Something about the mint sprigs and spiciness of a good rum make Mojitos a naturally welcoming drink to experiment with tea. The grassiness of green tea is the perfect complement to a Mojito. Come to think of it, so is the rum and spearmint. And sugar. And -- you get it. Check out the recipe here.

Hibiscus Rum Cooler

It’s tough to decide what’s better: the beautiful deep reddish-purple color of hibiscus, or the delicate floral sweetness that characterizes its flavor. Ponder this and other esoteric questions as you sip a delicious hibiscus tea and rum infusion. The folks at Serious Eats crafted this easy to follow recipe for you.

Absolut Wildflower Tea

If you dig floral cocktails, you will probably really enjoy this exotic infusion recipe from the folks at Absolut. While the recipe lets you get away with using one of Absolut’s premade wild tea vodkas, we recommend infusing straight vodka with your favorite tea. You can also sub tea for ginger or lemon -- two other critical ingredients -- and add tea on its own instead of infusing it with vodka.

14th Jul 2017