Kosher wines in Chicago in time for Passover

Kosher wines in Chicago in time for Passover

Passover is right around the corner and many Jewish Chicago families are stocking up on kosher wine for the Seder and enjoying the holiday. However, delicious kosher wines are really for everyone. If you look closely at the packages of food that you use everyday, most have the kosher symbol of the letter k in a circle. Due to strict rules guiding the kosher tradition, food and drink manufacturers aim to meet these standards in order to appeal to a wider group of people, and also to signify quality. So what is a kosher?

The concept isn’t too earth shattering. Kosher wine is like any other grape wine that is produced in line with Jewish dietary laws. In order for the wine to be deemed kosher, Sabbath-observant male Jews must oversee the entire winemaking process, including any ingredients that are used (which must too be kosher, of course). Typically, it’s a rabbi that supervises this process.

There are more rules on who can handle the wine and the manner in which it must be created. However, where it really starts to reflect in the taste is that kosher wines are forbidden from having preservatives or artificial colors. Selecting a kosher wine ensures an extra step in quality that is not always found in other wines, as every ingredient and every step is observed under the microscope.

If selecting a wine kosher for Passover, make sure that it doesn’t contain certain additives like corn syrup and legumes. Kosher wines are typically already Passover approved; however, some kosher wine brands do use corn syrup and have to produce specialty “kosher for Passover” wine.

Although there are strict rules in producing kosher wines, the wine variety in this group is broad and all-encompassing. Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, shiraz, merlot, and many, many more. Visit Liquor Barn to find a kosher wine for everyone.

25th Mar 2015