Brewery Spotlight - Dogfish Head Brewery

Brewery Spotlight - Dogfish Head Brewery

The craft beer industry in America is booming and Dogfish Head Brewery is one of the brewers leading the charge. Founded in Delaware by Sam Calagione way back in 1995, it now pumps out over 250,000 barrels of beer annually. Cementing its cool are appearances on the documentary Beer Wars and the Discovery Channel series Brew Masters.

With its beers found in 31 states, we decided to take a look at the some of the best tipples they have on offer. Next time you want to try something from Dogfish Head, stop by Liquor Barn.

90 Minute IPA

We’ve heard this one described as “perhaps the best IPA in America", and for sure it doesn’t mess around. Pungent, but not overpowering in flavor, it's 9% ABV and malty sweetness contribute to an all-round delicious beer to drink.

And, as well as being a tasty beer, it’s a bit of a good looker and smeller - clear golden brown and with a grapefruit citrus aroma that hits you as soon as it’s poured.

Black & Blue

This is a fruity Belgian blockbuster, brewed with over 300lbs of blackberries and blueberries. As expected, the beer has a deep, dark body, with a light white head, and an aroma that conjures up not just berries but also hints of tropical fruit.

As a beer, it’s a delight to drink - artfully balanced, full-bodied and with a crisp refreshing taste. It’s quite sweet and some have said a little bready. You’ll also catch subtle flavors of sweet malt, and vanilla bean.

Burton Baton

This fine beer is a pilsner and amber malt mix with a lofty 11% ABV. The production process is quite unique - primary fermentation takes place in open vessels and uses two yeast strains, an American and English one. It’s hopped with the Warrior and Glacier varieties.

Straddling two sides of the IPA taste spectrum, it’s both citrus crisp and deep and dark, an all-round complex, deeply malty taste that should impress even the most well-studied craft drinks.

Festina Peche

Going all European on you, we present Doghead’s take on the Berliner Weisse beer. It pours with a familiar straw-yellow hue and while not at sophisticated in its flavor, it does pack a nice citrus malt taste and it should be served with a wedge of lemon to really kick it off.

Aroma-wise, wheat, and peaches are going to come right out, quite pleasant if you happen to be drinking it outside on a warm evening.

Indian Brown Ale

This beer is a bit of everything. Well hopped and malty, it’s reminiscent of a Scotch Ale, an IPA, and an American Pale all in one. It pours dark brown with a generous enough head, and on the nose you’ll be catching hints of brown sugar and roasted malts.

The taste is an intense one - caramel, floral twangs, hoppy bitterness and dark, fruity notes for good measure. For brown ale lovers, this is the real deal.

3rd Nov 2017