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Angel’s Envy, A Whiskey Worth Sipping Slowly 

Angel’s Envy, A Whiskey Worth Sipping Slowly 

When you’re having company over and want to offer them a drink that suggests refinement, it’s hard to go wrong with Bourbon. Angel’s Envy is hand-blended, small-batch whiskey at its best. Here at Liquor Barn you can find both the Rye and Bourbon varieties. Crafted in Louisville (where else but Kentucky), this all-American golden liquid is a great way to kick off a memorable evening, or perhaps to cap it all off. 

Small Batch, Big Taste

Because the folks at Angel’s Envy are committed to quality from the very beginning, they typically distill enough whiskey for between 8-12 barrels. That way, the master craftsmen who oversee the distillation process know exactly what’s going on with every single barrel at every stage.

Finishing the Right Way

Before the distillation process ends, Angel’s Envy is aged in special hand-selected finishing barrels. Depending on whether it’s the rye or bourbon, different barrels are used in the finishing process to ensure the perfect taste. Angel’s Envy Special Cask Strength and Bourbon are both finished in ruby port casks, while the Rye is finished in rum barrels. The company is especially proud of the fact that there’s no set time for how long the finishing takes: “It’s only Angel’s Envy when we say it is.”

Cask Strength

Out of every single spirit in the world, only Angel’s Envy was given the prestigious “Best Spirit in the World” award by Spirit Journal in 2013 (to be fair, it actually tied with Highland Park 25 Single Malt Scotch). It’s got a rich gold appearance, with amber depth, a heavy caramel and vanilla nose up front, slightly black pepper on the finish, and with just a slight aftertaste of port to round it all off.

Straight Bourbon

The Kentucky Straight Bourbon from Angel’s Envy is typically aged up to six years, with three to six months spent aging in ruby port barrels made of French oak and imported directly from Portugal for the perfect finish. Angel’s Envy Bourbon is nearly copper in color, with some delightful gold and reddish amber shining through. When you put a tumbler of this under your nose, you will smell everything from vanilla, raisins, maple syrup, and toasted nuts. The scent carries over once you taste it, with additional notes of bitter chocolate, toast, and ripe fruit. Finally, a brief finish of port that gently fades and makes you wish you had more.

Rum Finished Rye

A very interesting spirit, Angel’s Envy sits up to a year and a half in Caribbean rum casks for a perfect finish. It’s crystal clear with a reddish amber color, with a nose featuring aromas such as citrus, maple, and sherry wood. That rum finishing really stands out on the palate, with a sweet and dry aftertaste – a remarkably easy finish despite being 100 proof.

The next time you visit Liquor Barn, don’t forget to check out one of these delicious whiskies! 

22nd Jul 2016


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