8 Crazy DIY Vodka Infusions You Need to Try

8 Crazy DIY Vodka Infusions You Need to Try

One of the best reasons to drink vodka is that it makes an exceptionally versatile spirit to add to cocktails. Right now at Liquor Barn you can find a huge array of world-class and affordable vodkas, from Grey Goose toKetel One to Svedka.

While you can buy flavored vodkas, it’s pretty fun to try making your own DIY vodka infusions. You’d be surprised at what you can come up with. Here are eight ideas to get you started—we’d love to hear what else you think of!

  • Smoked Bacon – The musky scent of smoke and the meatiness of bacon are a match made in heaven for a quality batch of vodka. Imagine how amazing this would taste in a Bloody Mary.
  • Jalapeno and Pineapple – Say what?? The bright green, fruity pepperiness of jalapeno (or if you’re really bold, habanero) combined with the sweet tang of pineapple are a bold combination. Try subbing this infused vodka for drinks you’d normally mix with tequila.
  • Ceylon Cinnamon and Green Cardamom – Try dunking a whole stick of high-quality Sri Lankan cinnamon into a quart jar of vodka. Then add seed pods of cardamom for a bright juxtaposition. Mix this with Mexican horchata mix and milk for a curiously intoxicating beverage.
  • Hibiscus flowers and peppercorns – The delicate, fruity sweetness of hibiscus goes perfectly with the throat-tingling afterburn of black peppercorns. You’ll never make a Manhattan with plain vodka again once you try this.
  • Lemon peel and whole apricots – For a citrusy sweet vodka infusion you’ll want to add to everything, try this combination. Goes great with spiked lemonade.
  • Whole light-roasted coffee beans – The smoky yet fruity effect of lightly roasted coffee beans goes perfectly with vodka. You might try this one out as a sub for whiskey in an Irish Coffee or B52. It also is worth adding this infused vodka to a shot of Bailey’s and Guinness—an Irish Car Bomb with a caffeinated twist!
  • Tamarind and coconut – For a tropical, Southeast Asian flavored vodka, soak a few whole tamarinds with a sizeable chunk of coconut. If you want something extra sweet (and possibly easier to find), you can pick up a container of tamarind paste and throw a big dab of it into your infusion. Try spiking a mango lassi or Thai milk tea with this vodka infusion—you probably won’t know what hit you.
  • Lychee, lime, cilantro and chili – If you want to get really crazy, try mixing these four very compatible flavors together in a jar full of vodka. The almost sickly sweetness of lychee (usually they come canned in syrup) becomes way more dimensional when you add a healthy section of lime. A whole chili—Thai, habanero, or even dried Chipotle will work—gives it some heat, while a sprig of fresh cilantro adds some herbal freshness to the mix. The result will tickle your taste buds like no other. Mix it with some OJ for the most fashionable screwdriver ever. 
24th Feb 2017