5 Bacardi Rum Cocktails You Should Make In August

5 Bacardi Rum Cocktails You Should Make In August

On another hot summer’s day, there’s nothing like a cool Bacardi cocktail to keep you fresh in the heat. We’re big fans of Bacardi; we have almost fifty different kinds of it here at Liquor Barn, with every kind of flavor from grapefruit to classic Anejo for you to choose from. The next time you’re throwing a party, why not make it Bacardi themed? Here are five great Bacardi cocktails to get your imagination going.

BacardiRum Mojito

There’s no drink featuring Bacardi Rum that’s more iconic than the Mojito. It’s the first thing you think of when you imagine a swinging party in Miami Beach or a balmy evening in Havana. We prefer Bacardi Coconut rum in our Mojito, but Bacardi Silver works well, too. Mix it up with some fresh mint, soda water, fresh-squeezed lime, and sugar – then serve it up on the rocks and maybe play some Pedro Luis Ferrer and you’re ready for a fun night.

Cuba Libre

A Cuba Libre happens when you mix Bacardi dark or light rum with the cola of your choice and a nice twist of lime juice. Bacardi Gold and Bacardi Anejo are both excellent choices for this easy to make and easy to drink refresher. Good times guaranteed; counter-revolution, not so much.

Bacardi Rum Swizzle

Bacardi rum is one of many ingredients that go into making the rum swizzle, which is a great drink to serve at parties because you make the whole thing in a big pitcher filled with ice cubes. You mix equal parts black and gold rum together, then add the juice of two lemons, pineapple juice, orange juice, falernum syrup, and Angostura bitters. Try it with Bacardi Oakheart or Bacardi Gold and enjoy it on a hot afternoon with some of your closest friends.

Bacardi Rum Hurricane

If you’re looking for a Bacardi cocktail to really get the party started, the Hurricane is probably the drink for you. Typically this one combines three different types of rum – dark, white, and over-proof – with passion fruit syrup and lemon juice. The result is a cocktail that revs you up after just one glass (although it goes down easy enough that you might find yourself having a second one before long). Bacardi Silver, Bacardi Black, and Bacardi 151 are ideal for making a Hurricane for a truly memorable night.

Bacardi Rum Sunset

After the craziness of a Hurricane, a Sunset is a delicious and refreshing way to round off this Bacardi cocktail list. For this one, you combine a generous helping of orange juice with three ounces of your favorite Bacardi rum (preferably something lighter), a spoonful or two of grenadine, and a couple slices of lime. The result is a citrusy, tangy Bacardi cocktail that’s perfect for one of those last hot summer days before the fall.

5th Aug 2016