4 Excellent Kosher Wines for the Jewish High Holidays

4 Excellent Kosher Wines for the Jewish High Holidays

Best Kosher Wines for High Holidays

With Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, two of the most important days on the Jewish calendar coming up later this month, lots of kosher wine is about to get poured. And while you can always dash down to your local supermarket and buy some Kedem or Manischewitz, there are other brands of kosher wine out there that actually taste like . . . well, wine. We thought it would be an appropriate gesture to share four of the best kosher wines we carry, just in case you feel like drinking wine that doesn’t taste like grape juice.

1. Barkan Classic Shiraz

If you want to serve a fruity red wine with a medium-bodied complexion with deep fruit and a smooth finish, Barkan Classic Shiraz is a fantastic wine to select. It pairs well with spicy foods, and is best with either beef or lamb. If you plan on serving brisket at lunch after Rosh Hashanah services, this is a great choice. 

2. Binyamina Bin Chardonnay

Binyamina’s Chardonnay grapes are grown in the fertile Judean plains and near Mount Gilboa in northern Israel, in the Jezreel Valley. The arid, temperate climate and high altitude soil lend themselves to a dry, acid balance in the taste of this wine. Unlike many Chardonnay wines which undergo ageing in oak barrels to produce a vanilla, buttery flavor, Binyamina Chardonnay is aged only in stainless steel tanks, giving it a citrus-forward nose and a light-bodied finish.

This wine pairs well with chicken, or if you’re planning on serving a dairy meal, it goes nicely with salmon or pasta with cream sauce. Learn more, here!

3. Carmel Merlot

This wine comes from the Galilee region of northern Israel. Aged in a combination of stainless steel vats as well as barrel-aged in French and American oak casks for eight months, Carmel Merlot has an aroma of blueberries, raspberries, and a subtle finish of vanilla. This fruity merlot makes an excellent choice for pairing with beef stew, roasted beef rump, or game such as venison. Try this wine out in our store or order it online.

4. Yarden Muscat

Finally, you can’t have a nice meal to celebrate the Jewish New Year without having a nice dessert wine to finish off and savor with dessert. One of our favorite kosher dessert wines is this excellent Yarden Muscat, which has an almost nectar-like consistency and sweetness. Expect citrus and melon tasting notes. Open it a few hours before you plan on drinking it to really bring out the floral aroma in this wine. 

30th Sep 2016