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10 Drinks Everyone Should Know How to Make

10 Drinks Everyone Should Know How to Make

If you’re buying alcohol online, you’re most likely buying things that will mix well together. Tired of making your guests vodka sodas? We’ve compiled a list of 10 drinks every home bartender should know!


When you order a negroni at a bar, you would probably think, “Wow, this bartender is amazing!” But really, the truth is, that anyone can make this delicious drink. With equal parts of each ingredient, it’s really not difficult, but it will definitely impress guests. Try this recipe for your next get together!


Named one of the “most satisfying” cocktails, the Manhattan is often referred to as a liquid layer cake. Next time you’re dying for an old classic, try this recipe.

3.Dark ‘N’ Stormy

A mix of dark rum and ginger beer, this cocktail is sure to please beer-loving guests. Dark ‘N’ Stormy is an invigorating drink that will have you making these all the time. Try this recipe!


Rum, the prime ingredient in daiquiris, is often the go to for many rum-lovers. Check out this recipe that works together with the rum rather than competing with it.


There’s nothing like an ice-cold margarita on the side of your favorite Mexican dish, but we’re not talking about the margaritas you get out of a pre-made mix. Margaritas are simple to make and there’s no reason you shouldn’t impress your guests with an ice-cold, home made margarita.


There are numerous versions of the classic martini – shaken, stirred, twist, olive – and the list goes on. While there are many versions of it and countless recipes, a martini is usually comprised of equal parts of gin and vermouth. Check out this recipe for one of our favorites – hint, it has orange bitters!

7.Bloody Mary

There are many different varieties of Bloody Mary’s – some like it spicy, others like it extra spicy. Here’s one of our favorite recipe for a really spicy Bloody Mary that will keep your guests happy.

8.Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a great way to spike your morning coffee on the weekend. While it is typically thought of as a sweet drink, it’s actually not! Try this recipe for your next morning coffee!

9.Pisco Sour

While the pisco sour is similar to the margarita and whiskey sour, this cocktail has hints of floral notes. Calling for unaged grape brandy and an egg white, this drink is deliciously creamy. Can’t wait to try it? Check out this recipe!

10.Old Fashioned

Old fashions should be a staple in any home bar, especially because they can be comprised of a variety of different spirits. From simple to complex, the old fashioned can be made in a variety of ways. If you’re just starting out, try this recipe and make changes based on that.

What are you waiting for? Start impressing your guests! So next time you’re surfing the web, consider buying your alcohol online so you can mix up any of these delicious cocktails! These cocktails aren’t difficult to make, and buying alcohol shouldn’t be, either. 

27th Jan 2015 Marcel Olshanksy


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