10 Classy Spirits You Should Give Out As Holiday Stocking Stuffers

It’s December – our favorite time of the year for quite a few reasons. For one, the first few weeks of snow aren’t quite as annoying as when it’s April and Lakeshore Drive is still getting blanketed with snow. We’re all about sledding and building snowmen. Plus, it’s the season for giving gifts and spending time with the people who we love most in the entire world! Whichever holiday you celebrate in December, why not give someone a bottle of something special? Nothing says “I love you” more than a classy spirit. Here’s ten of our favorite liquors you should consider putting in a loved one’s stocking for their Christmas/Hannukah/Kawanza present this year.

1. Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Rum

For the rum-lovers in your life, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Guatemala’s Ron Zacapa. It’s got a slightly smoky, caramel palate and is the perfect gift for any of your more adventurous friends or family. You can find it in our store here.

2. Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve Limited Edition 18 Years Old

Besides the elegant gold box this bottle comes in, this blended Scotch whiskey offers a rich amber color that’s a joy to behold. And it goes down smoothly, with a honeyed taste and woody, smoky finish. Get it for that well-dressed uncle of yours. You can find it in our store here.

3. Pere Magliore XO Calvados

Any true bon vivant knows that the best way to finish a rich, four-course feast is to quaff a glass of this fiery French 80-proof spirit made from Normandy apples. Your aunt who spends the whole weekend in the kitchen will really appreciate this one. You can find it in our store here.

4. Angel’s Envy Port Barrel Finished Bourbon

We’ve written about this bourbon before – it’s just that good. Orange peel and vanilla bourbon notes are complemented by dark red fruit, courtesy of the port wine barrels this bourbon is aged in. This is the perfect spirit to give to the wild child of the family. You can find it in our store here.

5. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

This pot-still vodka is a mile removed from the plastic bottle vodka you probably mixed into drinks in college. Give it to your college nephew who still hasn’t figured out how to drink like an adult – they might learn something from those smoky, oily notes. You can find Tito’s in our store here.

6. Tequila Ocho Plata

This regal agave tequila is a treat on the rocks, and its heritage production in the state of Jalisco, Mexico means that whoever is lucky enough to get this as a gift from you is holding an almost limited edition spirit. Makes a great gift for the family lightweight. You can find it in our store here.

7. Glenmorangie Tusail Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

It’s hard to say no to Glenmorangie. This legendary Scotch has an almost sweet barley malt flavor, with touches of nut toffee and an incredible color. Your best friend who’s a writer will really enjoy a glass of this while they ponder their next novel. You can find Glenmorangie Tusail in our store here.

8. Kappa Pisco

If you have a wanderlusting friend who’s been to South America and couldn’t get over how amazing it was, this bottle of Chilean Pisco is the perfect gift – guaranteed to give her a major nostalgia trip. You can find it in our store here.

9. Luxardo Grappa

This Italian liqueur, produced in a traditional copper pot still, has an amazingly smooth finish. Citrus and lavender notes make it a fun and celebratory drink to pass around after dinner. Give it to that friend who’s always proposing toasts! You can find it in our store here.

10. Ty Ku Soju

The next time your bestie who’s obsessed with DIY sushi wants to get together for dinner, give them this – there’s nothing more authentic to accompany homemade sushi. You can find it in our store here. 

9th Dec 2016