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Apis Jadwiga Honey Mead Ceramic Bottle 500ML

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Apis Jadwiga Mead Ceramic Btl
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Apis Jadwiga Honey Mead Ceramic Bottle 500ML, Poland


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  • 5

    Flavorful mead

    This is an excellent sweet mead, I missed the "raspberry" part of the mead when I purchased it, so I was a bit worried when I opened it up, but it's not berry like at all and has a good dark flavor. If you like strong mead, this one's for you. Extra bonus, the bottle is really neat with a ceramic cork cover!

  • 5

    Excellent mead

    Easily the best commercial mead on the market. This is a sipping mead, meant to be enjoyed slowly. It has a fantastic, viscous body and a sweet but earthy flavor. Really fantastic stuff, and I cannot recommend it enough.

  • 5

    Sweet and syrupy deliciousness

    I am so pleased to have found a place where I can order my favorite mead! It's got a pretty serious viscosity, most people I have shared it with called it syrupy. It's also VERY sweet, but I happen to like super sweet things, so this is amazing.

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