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American Born Dixie Moonshine 750ML

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American Born Dixie Moonshine
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American Born Dixie Moonshine Sweet Tea 750ML

American Moonshine has a rich history, which dates back to the late 1800’s when the making and selling of it supported families struggling after the war. Later it was synonymous with bootleggers and speakeasies in the 1930’s, but always, always it has been about a freedom of spirit, the strength of character of all American Born people.

American Born Dixie Moonshine, delivered in a traditional moonshine mason jar, is the first ever moonshine to be tea flavored. It is made from a corn base and natural tea, and is a deep amber orange liquor. Sensational chilled and taken neat, or mixed with soda or lemonade, your glass will stir memories of hot summer nights, and Southern mountain traditions.

The flavors of hot summer nights and Southern mountain tradition come together to create the first-ever sweet tea-flavored moonshine. Drink it neat or paired with soda water, lemonade or a variety of other mixers.



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    Best Flavored Moonshine

    Hands down the best flavored moonshine out there. 1. It's sweet tea flavored. Who doesn't want that. 2. It's 83 proof. Most other flavored are 40 proof or less. 3. It's not harsh going down You should definitely buy this.

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