A Great Gluten-Removed Ale & Lager

Gluten free beer has been around for a while now, but great strides in flavor have been made over the last couple years. The following are arguably two of the best of their type- Ale and Lager. Both have been crafted to remove gluten and leave all the delicious beer flavor intact.

Estrella Damm's Daura is a terrific lager made in Spain, it's so good in fact that it not only rivals the Euro lager kings- Heineken and Stella Artois, it may actually be better! An aromatic malty nose, clean and crisp flavor and a smooth finish should make this a must-try whether you practice a gluten-free diet or not.

Local beer heroes Two Brothers also brew a fantastic gluten-removed beer, in this case it's a rich golden ale by the name of Prairie Path. A fresh hoppy nose leads to a honey like sweet malt flavor that is deftly balanced by floral Golding hops and spiciy Saaz hops. Easily the finest beer of it's type brewed in America.