3 California Chardonnays We Love, All Under $20

3 California Chardonnays We Love, All Under $20

Best California Chardonnay

While a glass of chilled white wine is the sort of beverage you normally drink over dinner on a hot summer’s evening in July with a plate of freshly caught fish, there’s no rule that says you can’t drink Chardonnay when the summer finally comes to an end and the cooler days of autumn roll in.

California is one of the world’s largest producers of the world’s most popular white wine grape, Chardonnay. And while other countries around the world pay a premium for California Chardonnay, we’re lucky to be “just” a couple thousand miles away from the legendary Sonoma and Napa wine growing regions, where some of the state’s best wines are grown. That’s why we can offer you so many of the best California Chardonnay wines at very affordable prices. The next time you have dinner, why not uncork one of three top California Chardonnay wines? At less than $20 each they’re a steal!

1. Alias Chardonnay, 2012, $7.99

One of our favorite things about this wine is the story behind the founders of the company. Three guys who all used to work at major wineries in northern California decided to take the leap of faith by quitting their cushy jobs at established companies to create their own upstart winery.

The resulting Chardonnay is one that reflects the maverick character of its originators: light on the oak – a bold move considering the oaked version of chardonnay has become wildly popular – plus lemony notes and crisp green apple taste. It’s the sort of slightly acidic wine that will provide a nice foil to hearty vegetarian fare, such as Italian vegetable pottage, once the cold nights start to set in. Make sure to pick out a bottle of Alias before we run out of stock!

2. Arnold Palmer Chardonnay, 2012, $13.99

Celebrate the beloved late golfing legend with a bottle of California Chardonnay that’s as classy as “The King” himself. The grapes for this white wine come from Napa Valley, where the Arnold Palmer Winery isn’t far from Hiddenbrooke Golf Course, which he designed.

The 2012 vintage of Arnold Palmer Chardonnay is light, crisp, and fruity. The oak comes across without overwhelming, with only the subtlest notes of vanilla. And to wrap it all up, a bit of refreshing pear notes round out this excellent and balanced white wine. Try a bottle of Arnold Palmer Chardonnay today the next time you stop by our shop.

3. Acacia Chardonnay, 2013, $13.99

This classic California Chardonnay is a reliable pairing with dinner, something that you can trust will work with whatever you decide to serve so long as it’s not red meat.

It’s got a fruity nose, with lots of citrus up front and a slightly tropical, passionfruit whiff at the end of the inhale. Expect a dry yet pleasant palate, with more citrus flavors including lemon and grapefruit, with a medium finish of almonds. You can find this wine in our stores or online.

5th Oct 2016