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Dekuyper Blueberry 750ML

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Dekuyper Blueberry
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Dekuyper Blueberry Liqueuer 750ML

DeKuyper Blueberry Schnapps Liqueur delivers the full-bodied taste of blueberry in every sip. This blueberry liqueur captures the taste of fresh, ripe blueberries in a cocktail glass. Great it on its own for a smooth, full-bodied drink, it balances your favorite cocktails with its deep blueberry flavor. Mix up favorite cocktails like Mojitos and Margaritas with a shot or two for a kick of blueberry color and sweetness.



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  • 4

    Blueberry schnapps

    Quick delivery and very satisfying

  • 5

    Blueberry Schnapps

    So good! I could not wait for it to arrive, this liquor is very hard to find on West Coast. I have made multiple Blueberry Margaritas

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