Bruichladdich The Organic Multivintage

Bruichladdich The Organic Multivintage 750ML

Brand: Bruichladdich
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PRODUCT OF: Scotland
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Bruichladdich The Organic Multivintage

Tasting Notes:
"character: An elegant, composed and stylishly vibrant spirit that showcases the absolute finesse, purity definition and elegance of organically grown barley.
Colour: Late summer barley.
Nose: Opens on a light almond note with a twist of candied lemon. Followed by the magical aromatics of toasted barley, floral and fruit notes with a hint of lemon honey intermingling beautifully. Toffee sweetness comes from American oak cask and as the spirit opens little drifts of succulent papaya, melon and kiwi can be found.
Palate: The texture is sensational, the spirit gliding over the palate like warm syrup. The taste buds love the purity and the sensational clarity of flavours being presented. A real sweetness on the front palate, barley sugar, honey almonds, green jelly beans, pear drops all splashed with fresh lemons and balanced by the crispness of malted barley.
Finish: An intensity and definition of flavour that is unparalleled. Incredibly fresh giving an unforgettable palate experience that leaves the taste buds tingling and overwhelmed.
Mood:Mischievous. Coy, flirtatious, Lolita. A breast-surging, bodice ripper: breathlessly virtuous." -Producer


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