Barenjager Honey & Pear

Barenjager Honey & Pear 750ML

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Product of: Germany


Barenjager Honey & Pear Liqueur

"Bärenjäger uses German pear brandy made from Williams pears. As with the Honey & Tea, Bärenjäger’s Honey & Pear does an exquisite job of balancing and integrating the pear and honey aromas in the nose. It’s so nice to nose a glass and have such pure, natural aromas present themselves like they do in Bärenjäger’s Honey & Pear. Underneath these notes is the base spirit, which adds a slight bit of citrus and spice. The entry for Bärenjäger Honey & Pear is bright, sweet pear. Williams pears have such a nice dimensionality of flavor to them, and that’s captured here with the crisp, tart, floral, and sweet elements all present. The balance here certainly favors the pear elements with the honey as a solid supporting flavor. As with all Bärenjäger products, the honey flavor here is sublime, tasting more like a clover honey than your standard ‘off the shelf’ variety. The midpalate is supported well by a little spice and heat from the base spirit, which helps maintain the balance and give structure to a medium finish that is all pear and honey."

750ML, Germany

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