Zubrowka Bison Grass 750ML

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Product of: Poland
Varietal/Type: Vodka
Size: 750ML


Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka 750ML, Poland

90-95 points: Wine Enthusiast

"Smells nicely of sweet grass, paraffin, acetate and wheat crackers; aeration bolsters the aromatic impressions of the first round and adds a subtle spiciness (nutmeg?) that complements the grassy quality. Palate entry teems with zesty, spicy, medicinal and grassy flavors; midpalate flavors come off chocolaty and milky, with disparate background tastes of egg cream and green pepper."

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ZU Bison Grass Vodka
Written by Scott Weinert on 23rd Aug 2017

This is on par with the Vodka I had in Poland last year and is impossible to find where I live. Simply the best Żubrówka on the market!

Simply the best Buffalo Grass vodka on the market
Written by undefined on 5th Oct 2015

And that's painful to write, because, as a Lithuanian, I've had the Lithuanian version by Stumbras, and it's just not as good. "Zu" is also head and shoulders above the imitators who use bright green food coloring to offset a bland taste. The best place to have "Zu"? At a bar just outside the Białowieża Forest -- now half in Poland, half inside Belarus, formerly completely inside the Grand Duchy of Lithuania -- where I and two cousins had it straight and ice-cold. It's also the basis for a "Wounded Buffalo": 1/2 "Zu," 1/2 pure apple juice, both ice-cold: the best cocktail ever!

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