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Zaric Slivovitz Kraljica 750ML

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Zaric Slivovitz Kraljica
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Zaric Slivovitz Kraljia Plum Brandy 750ML

Brandy "Queen" is the only domestic spirits with protected geographic origin, which means total control of the production process, from the fruit to the final product, where the entire process is controlled by the state. It is made by a protected manufacturing technology that continues to former glory "povlenke" first plum brandy in the former Yugoslavia, which carried the label of geographic origin kosjerićkog fruit growing area.

This miracle of brandy that is the right royal style, quality can thank the excellent climate in which the prunes are grown at an altitude of 500 to 900 meters and ecologically grown crops. In it are the best fruits Požegača, Trnovaca and red rank, selected at the moment of perfect ripeness.

Šljivovica "The Queen" on his way from branch to exceed the glass phase which we call the "development of the martyr to a noble beings."



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Fruit Brandy

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Best rakija ever

    I was blown by the taste and quality of this plum rakija

  • 5

    Zaric plum brandy

    Never had an headache from zaric plum brandy

  • 5


    Just great and and mellow. I'm thrilled my brother became aware of your store and shared with me.

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