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3 Delicious Hot Winter Cocktails to Warm You from the Inside Out

3 Delicious Hot Winter Cocktails to Warm You from the Inside Out

Recipes for Hot Winter Cocktails

Chicagoans have enjoyed a mild fall and start of the winter season so far, but it doesn’t look that is going to last much longer. It was just last week that temperatures climbed into the upper 50s, but Chicago’s winds are not sweeping across the city, telling us it is time to bundle up.

As you pull the thick sweaters out of storage and shop for new long johns in an effort to stay cozy this winter, don’t forget to stock your liquor cabinet or home bar with spirits and delicious liquors. A warm winter cocktail is exactly what you need after a wind-blown day, and a freezing night. Check out these winter cocktail recipes to learn the best way to stay warm through the season.

Hot Swedish Cocktail


1 oz. spiced rum

7 ½ oz. spiced apple cider (heated)

1 Tbsp. honey

¼ lemon, juiced

Cinnamon stick and round orange slice, for garnish


1.Combine the rum, honey, and juice in a glass mug that can withstand warm temperatures. Stir the mixture.

2.Add the spiced apple cider after it has been heated, and then stir again.

3.Garnish with the cinnamon stick and a round orange slice.

Irish Coffee Cocktail


1 oz. Jameson Irish whiskey

4 oz. piping hot coffee

¼ oz. Irish cream

2 ½ oz. heavy cream

¼ oz. simple syrup


1.In a shaker, combine the Irish cream, heavy cream, and simple syrup and shake well until frothy.

2.Pour the whiskey and coffee into a wine glass, and then add the cream mixture making sure to keep the froth intact.

Hazelnut Coco with a Kick

Ingredients for spiced sauce:

2-3 Tbsp. chocolate syrup

2 Tbsp. cocoa powder

4 oz. heavy whipping cream

3 oz. of diluted agave syrup (3:1 ratio, 3 Tbsp. agave and 1 Tbsp. water)

1 Tbsp. hazelnut husks

5 allspice berries

Ingredients for cocktail:

1 oz. mezcal

1 ½ oz. spiced sauce

1 oz. water

Orange twist, as garnish

Sauce Directions:

1.Add all of the ingredients to a small pot and heat on a medium flame until it boils.

2.Lower the flame to the low setting and let heat/simmer for 15 minutes.

3.Let it sit and cool before using in the cocktail recipe.

Cocktail Directions:

1.Pour the mezcal and syrup into a small pot and dilute with ⅓ part water, which will be approximately 1 oz. of water.

2.Heat on a small flame and pour into a coffee mug when the mixture warms up, but before it begins to boil.

3.Garnish with the orange twist. 

8th Dec 2015


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