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Willett Family Estate Rye 8 Year 750ML

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Willett Family Estate 6 Years Straight Rye Whiskey 750ML, USA

Nose: The same wonderful floral notes of the 4 Year Rye. The dill notes from the 4 year are minimized and a sweeter smell of honeysuckles mixes with nutmeg spice. There is a slight touch of cinnamon and sweet barrel char.

Mouth: Citrus, orange bitters, honey dew and cantaloupe. The longer time in the barrel brings out a sweetness that really wasn't all that present in the 4 Year Rye. There's still the minty touch, but it blends more with the other flavors and doesn't overwhelm. The 114 Proof creates hardly any burn and instead gives this one a full, oily taste.

Finish: Floral and citrus notes that coat the tongue. A nice peppery mix with cinnamon and oak to round it out. This one unpacks the bags and stays a while, a welcome guest to the palate.--George T. Stagg,



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