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Suktinis Mead
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Suktinis Mead Liqueur 1L, Lithuania

A beverage of splendid taste and flavour is alcohol 50% volume, maturing lasts up to 18-20 months,
produced from natural bee honey, cloves, poplar buds, acorns, juniper berries with bilberry, black currant and
raspberry juice poured over them.

50% Alcohol by volume


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Product Reviews

  • 5

    Taste of the Homeland!

    Very interesting liquor from Lithuania. A mix of various flavors - berry and clove on the nose. Recommendations as an after dinner drink with tea are on point. I sveikata!

  • 5

    Amazing Mead

    I absolutely love this drink! It is so smooth and has an amazing flavor. When it comes to Mead Suktinis is in a class of it's own and you should do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle. The design of the bottle is also very cool and I actually use one as a decorative piece in my house.

  • 5


    Theme dinner party - Lithuania What to drink. This is one of the most complex flavors we have ever tasted. There are all kinds of flavors that pop out. WOW.

  • 5

    Suktinis Honey Mead ....Amazing

    This drink is really amazing on so many levels. I was first introduced to Suktinis Honey Mead while visiting Lithuania. Since then I have shared this amazing liquor with many of my American and European friends to which all have given a robust thumbs up. It actually taste like the Lithuanians found a magic way to capture sunshine, spring rain and fresh air, and put it into a bottle. This truly could be the perfect liquor.

  • 5

    Good drink.

    A tasty, enjoyable drink.

  • 5


    introduced to this treat while visiting in vilnuis,lithuania. have found nothing better on the rocks!!!

  • 5

    Fire Honey

    Unique! Smooth! Strong!

  • 5

    Lithuanian Mead

    About 10 years ago, this item came to my attention through a friend of mine who used to rent his home from an elderly Lithuanian woman. When he actually bought a place to live, she threw a little party for him and his wife, and gave them a bunch of various liqours and such that her dead husband had brought over from the old country. This was one of them. It has taken 10 years for this drink to finally be available for me to purchase and have shipped to my home state. It is THEE one and only alcoholic beverage, straight, on the rocks, with carious meats for dinner, or actually used in food, that will ever pass these lips again. So it is with great satisfaction that this divine liquid gets a 5 from me. If it was possible, I would give it a 10, even if it was still only being rated on a scale to 5.

  • 5


    Great stuff. Strong yet so smooth!

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