Stumbras Starka 750ML

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Product of: Lithuania
Varietal/Type: Vodka
Size: 750ML

Stumbras Starka Vodka 750ML, Lithuania

Stumbras Starka Vodka is infused with both apple and pear leaves among other vegetative minerals.

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If I had to have only one vodka, this would be it!
Written by undefined on 5th Oct 2015

Everyone with whom I've shared a shot of this amazing vodka has loved it. I used to bring it home from Lithuania in my checked baggage -- one of my cousins used to work at the Stumbras bottling plant -- but now I don't have to, since finding it at Liquor Barn. The ladies will like it, too. Try it straight and at room temperature on a cool afternoon: heaven. I buy four bottles at a time.

Stumbras Starka Vodka
Written by Bob Newman on 4th Apr 2013

Definitely an interesting flavor. Not your "plain Jane" vodka. Hints of oak and other subtle flavors. I'm sure the 50 year aged is awesome but who can afford $1,500+ for a bottle. Everyone who has tried it has liked it. I will be ordering more once this bottle gets a bit lower.

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