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Schlichte Steinhaeger Gin 750ML

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Schlichte Steinhager Gin 750
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Schlichte Steinhaeger Gin

Is a spirit based off of neutral wheat and juniper berries. Its smooth and taste fine by itself. 750ML, Germany


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    Steinhaeger gin

    My mom and German relatives would do a small shot of this after a big holiday or weekend meal. It was a tradition as you did the dishes. I have such wonderful memories. Thank you for carrying this product so I can continue the tradition! I’m sure it is wonderful in regular drinks as well as it has a very smooth finish.

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    In 1986 I had the pleasure of going to Germany. I have been looking for this off and on since. Glad to finally find it and reacquaint myself with it smoothness. Put in freezer and enjoy. It is called Gin but in no means does it need 7up or tonic. Straight from freezer. No ice.

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    This is NOT intended to be mixed, neat is the way to enjoy it. The Germans know to sip it from a shot glass. Hard item to find in the States, glad I could buy on this site!

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    Gin That's Better Than Gin

    I've been drinking Steinhager for years, primarily as an after-dinner drink or as a sit-around sipper. It's the best. Technically, it's a gin. It is a triple distilled, lightly juniper flavored grain alcohol. It doesn't have the harsh taste that I get in other gins. I keep it in the freezer and drink it straight in cordial glasses that I also keep in the freezer.

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