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R. Jelinek Gold 10 Year Slivovitz 750ML

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R. Jelinek Gold Slivovitz
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R. Jelinek Gold 10 Year Slivovitz

Gold Slivovitz is a superb brandy produced from the best assortment of late-harvested plums. The triple distillation and patient aging process gives a gentle taste to this brandy. This typically Czech product has been produced in the same traditional way for more than a hundred years in the Vizovice region of Bohemia.

750ML Brandy, Czech


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Czech Republic
Fruit Brandy

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    J. Jelinek 10-yr old Slivovitz

    100 proof, product of Czech Republic This is a refined slivovitz. The aroma is similar to many other brandies and to cognac. The color, aroma and the taste are all affected by being aged in oak. The taste of the plums from which it is made is still present, but not as prominent as in the 5-year old product. It is smoother than its 5-year old sibling, of course. Both are 100-proof, and quite potent. Worth a try, if you are a slivovitz devotee as I am.

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