Polish Land Rectified Spirytus 192 Proof 1.75L

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Product of: Poland
Varietal/Type: Grain Alcohol
Size: 1.75L
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Polish Land Rectified Spirit

Neutral Grain Alcogol 192 Proof / 96 ABV, 1.75L, Poland

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96% satisfaction!
Written by The Parrot on 26th Jul 2014

I bought this for making herbal tinctures. Prompted by Liquor Barn's email and amused by the idea of "reviewing" 96% ethanol, I decided that if maybe if I do something this silly, others won't have to. Having on hand Polish Land Spirytus Rektyfikowany, Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany, Spirytus WESOŁY and Everclear, I poured about 1/4th of a shot of each one and gave it the nose. They all smelled of clean alcohol, with no unusual scent that might indicate poor distilling or adulterants. I then diluted each one with 50% cool water and sipped them one at a time. They all tasted like a well-made vodka, and there was no discernible difference between any of them. Everclear is 95% alcohol while the others claim to be 96%, but that is dubious. Ethanol is nearly impossible to maintain in a state of over 95% purity, because it is hydrophilic and will combine readily with atmospheric water vapor. For the reviewer, since all these products may be considered 95% pure, we have to fill up the remaining 5% with economics or nostalgia. Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany is made by Polmos-Warszawa. Spirytus Wesoły is made by Polmos-Białystok. The two companies listed above are former divisions of the state-owned Polish liquor monopoly, which was split up and privatized. Polish Land is made by Polanin, presumably at their distillery in Bielsk Podlaski. Everclear is made in St Louis, Missouri. So if you have a connection to any of these places, you can buy the product made there. Otherwise, buy the cheapest. Niech żyje Polska!

This is a very clean grain alcohol
Written by Steve on 4th Mar 2014

This grain alcohol is excellent for mixed drinks or if you're really daring a straight shot. It has no unusual aftertaste

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