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Plantaze Kruna Grape Brandy 750ML

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Kruna Grape
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Plantaze Kruna Grape Brandy 750ML

"Kruna is a colourless, hard alcoholic drink with 50% alcohol, very potable, harmonious, full and warm mouthfeel. Wine smell, strongly expressed with mild pomace smell fterwards. Kruna is a premium brandy, made in the small volume copper vats, in the manner in which it had been made for centuries in Montenegro. The grapevine twigs and old branches from Ćemovsko field are placed under the copper vats from Ćemovsko field. Distillation runs very slowly with good cooling in order to achieve better quality. It is only the middle fraction (‘heart’) of the destillate that is separated, laying down in the vats of the inert materials 1-2 years at least, after which a potable and mild grape brandy of a specific and lingering varietal aroma is made. It is served at 5-7°C. It is recommended both before and after the meal and may be used for preparing cocktails, as well." -Producer


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    Unique and perfect

    Very clear, unique taste, unbeatable. "Kruna" means "the crown" and this is truly some of the best money can buy - grape brandy has been traditionally made in Montenegro for centuries. This one is the closest you can get to the traditional-made. When I cannot get my uncle's home-made, this is the one I buy.

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