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Planat VS 750ML Cognac, France

Medium to full bodied, with flavors of roasted coffee and vanilla.
Rated 90 Points by Wine Enthusiast




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Planat XO 750

Planat XO 750ML

Planat XO 750ML Cognac, France "Deep copper color. Aromas of raisin cake, baking spices, and creamy nougat with a supple, fruity medium-to-full body and a smooth, honeyed nut, vanilla, and...
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Maison Rouge VSOP
Sale 11%

Maison Rouge VSOP Cognac 750ML

Maison Rouge Cognac VSOP 750ML, France First nosing passes pick up delicate scents of apple, grape and pear. Palate entry is mellow, rounded and mildly spiced; by midpalate, the taste gains in scope...
Salignac VS Cognac

Salignac VS Cognac 750ML

Salignac VS 750ML Cognac, France A distinct blend of young cognacs before aging for a unique and extremely smooth cognac. Soft flavors of vanilla and caramel with a great balance of oak and...
Sale 11%
Lucien VS
Sale 11%

Lucien VS 750ML

Lucien Foucauld
Lucien VS 750ML Cognac, France Appearance: Beautiful amber color with pink-color tints. Head: Fruity with vanilla. Heart: Walnut notes and hazelnut aromas. Background: This attractive cognac...
Hardy VS Cognac

Hardy VS 750ML


Hardy VS 750ML Cognac, France Select blend of cognacs aged for a minimum of five years in limousine oak. Medium bodied and well balanced with suggestions of caramel and honey.  
Ansac VS 750

Ansac VS 750ML

Ansac VS 750ML Cognac, France "All Cognac is brandy, but not all brandies are Cognac. Cognac is a brandy distilled from wines made of grapes grown within the legal limits of the Charente and...
Sale 9%
Delorme VS
Sale 9%

Delorme VS 750ML

Delorme VS 750ML Cognac, France "Rich amber color. Aromas of caramelized nuts and spicy poached pears with a silky fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a mixed fruit compote, vanilla and...
Sale 23%
Gautier VS 750
Sale 23%

Gautier VS 750ML

Gautier VS 750ML Cognac, France Embodying the first ageing of eaux-de-vie, the Gautier VS Cognac has been carefully crafted by the cellar master of Maison Gautier.  It's harmony is due to the...

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