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Nuvo Lemon Sorbet

"We changed the game once before, we are changing the game again. NUVO LEMON SORBET is 25% alcohol but will give you a refreshing twist of sparkling French vodka and lemon citrus that explodes in your mouth. Just like the original NUVO, NUVO LEMON SORBET has never been done before. It's just like lemon's refreshing, cold, crisp, sweet & tangy but in a bottle.

The yellow signature bottle is sleek like a yellow Lamborghini. NUVO LEMON SORBET is made for celebrating, whether its bottle service in the V.I.P, or with your friends at the bar. When you bring the bottle, you’re bringing cool refreshment. Oh you fancy, huh? Yes we are, and we bring you that fancy in the same manner we brought it with the original. This summer be part of the elite, be the tastemaker of your click, be up on this first. Be the one that introduces your people to their soon-to-be drink of choice. It's like that feeling you get when you find a great artist first, that great song before anyone else is up on it.

Well, you found that great new drink...

The possibilities are endless." -Producer

Liqueur 750ML, France


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