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Murfatlar Hora Pinot Noir

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Murfatlar Hora Pinot Noir
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Murfatlar Hora Pinot Noir


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Pinot Noir

Product Reviews

  • 5


    Bought a half case for my wife's birthday. We used to drink it when we were young. Wonderful sweeter Pinot with great body from the premium Romanian wine region!

  • 5

    Best Pinot Noir

    This is the Best of The Best Pinot Noir ever!!! Unlike most of the pinot noir's available in US, this particular brand has an amazing flavor and bouquet, without the tannin's harsh bite. Unlike many other pinot noir's this tends to be better the next day. It definitely, shows its value after a proper, through, aeration. Highly recommended!

  • 4

    Good for a vodas

    What is a vodas ? Vodas is a mixt drink that is popular in Transylvania (a region of Romania) and you put half a glass of red wine (for example, this Romanian wine) and half with Coca Cola. I know, I know, mixing wine with anything else is a blasphemy :) but for people that don't enjoy the strong taste it takes the edge off. Also it's enjoyed by poor students as it's cheaper than a full glass of wine in clubs or bars :) I like it as it is but my wife likes it with Coca Cola :)

  • 5

    we just love it

    It's strong yet velvety and a bit sweet - and that keeps a nice balance. The price is excellent. Nice wine from a very popular winery in Romania.

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