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Michael Collins Irish Whiskey 750ML

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Michael Collins Irish Whiskey
"The nose is delicate, sweet short crust pastry. Marzipan and raspberry jam. Raisins. Oily on the palate, vaguely fruity, honeyed. Faintly herbal. Finishes more like a dessert wine than a whisky. Rich, creamy and filling. Visually, a very attractive whisky – rich amber and gloriously viscous. If my suspicions are correct, an earlier expression of this whisky reminded me of a Peshwari Nan. Must be shared and discussed with friends."



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    If you are looking for a great baseline Irish whiskey and you want to try something different from Jameson, this is the whiskey for you. This is a rich whiskey with more complexity than the base version of Jameson, and can easily be enjoyed on the rocks or neat. In addition try this whiskey while you still can! It was was originally a sourced whiskey supplied by Cooley, but after Beam bought out Cooley, production of this whiskey was terminated.

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