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Mcdowells Celebration Rum 750ML

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Mcdowells Celebration Rum

is one of the best selling rums in the world. 750ML, India


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  • 5

    Best rum

    once I was very lucky - 3 years I lived and worked in India. And in India, I knew the best rum in the world - Mcdowells Celebration Rum. Once this rum really saved me. From India (+ 30C), I came to Russia in January (-25 ° C). Hot tea with these rum saved me. But if you drink the rum and Coke, you feel gorgeous bouquet

  • 5

    Amazing Indian Rum

    I was born in Cuba and grew up with Bacardi Rum, last year I went to India on vacations and while visiting a very interesting place (kind of a Maharahi Palace) I was offered a drink and I chose rum. To my surprise there it was one of the best rums I ever tasted, very easy to drink and an excellent taste. I strongly recommend the McDowell No.1 Celebration Rum

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