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Manastir Slivovitz
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Manastir Slivovitz Plum Brandy

It is prepared by the traditional way from the best quality plums. Rakija 1L


Product of:
Fruit Brandy

Product Reviews

  • 5


    Real good plumb brandy, I recommend it to all slivo loving people. does not give you headache afterwards!!! Pete Verbovszky

  • 4

    Product is as advertised

    Packaging was excellent

  • 5

    Manastir sljivovtz

    Excellent *****5 stars

  • 5

    brings back memories

    Great stuff

  • 5

    Cheers! Ziveli! Opa!!!

    Traditional plumb brandy a shot glass each morning or every second day is healthy. Taste is not as as smooth as the Serbian Manastirka, but definitely next best thing! Thanks to Bosnia and Herzegovina for producing and exporting and definitely to Liquor Barn for keeping it in stock. Hope Liquor Barn continues to maintain it at competitive price and for making it possible to order on line with UPS delivery to CA. Excellent product and service. Thank you Liquor Barn!!

  • 5

    A very decent Slivovitz

    Not quite as smooth as its Serbian cousin, the Manastirka Prokupac, but close. Amber in color, this 10-year old Slivovitz ranges heads and shoulders above the various Bols, white Jelinek and other 'commercial' offerings. Fortunately the Liquor Barn keeps the Bosnia Herzegovina product in stock - the Croatian origin is a welcome mistake. Although the guys in Zarda also produce a version of this plum brandy, this one is by far preferable in terms of nose, palate, purity and smoothness. I rate this competitively priced Slivovitz somewhere close to the 10-year golden Jelinek and, as mentioned above, to the Manastirka Prokupac.

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