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  • Luxardo Bitter Liqueur
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    Luxardo Bitter Liqueur 750ML

    Luxardo Bitter Liqueur "A pleasant aperitif obtained from the infusion of several fruits and herbs such as sweet oranges, bitter oranges, rhubarb, marjoram and thyme." -Producer 750ML
  • Luxardo Fernet Amaro
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    Luxardo Fernet Amaro 750ML

    Luxardo Fernet Amaro "A strong bitter amaro, Luxardo Fernet undergoes prolonged infusion of herbs and spices such as licorice, condurango, cardamom, cinnamon, and including the rare gentian and saffron. Fernet Luxardo is known for its ability to...
  • Luxardo Amaro
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    Luxardo Amaro Abano 750ML


    Luxardo Amaro Abano "Amaro means bitter. In this Amaro are infused 7 herbs and roots including cardamom, cinnamon and bitter orange peel. Amaro Abano is a medium bitter, popular in Italy; it is drunk straight after a meal with or without ice to help...

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