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Licor 43 Chocolate Liqueur 750ML

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Licor 43 Chocolate Liqueur
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Licor 43 Chocolate Liqueur 750ML

Licor 43 Chocolate is a liqueur with a complex yet harmonious flavor profile that can be perceived on three levels:

Colour: Creamy, dark milk chocolate with golden reflections and reddish tones of chocolate.

Aroma: Intense cocoa tones with a slight acidity that adds a touch of freshness to the distinct sweet and vanilla notes of Licor 43.

Taste: The texture of milk chocolate adds depth to the entire taste experience. The complexity of this product can be even better appreciated by letting the liquid slowly pass through your palate and ensuring it is nice and chilled, reminding us of the adventure of melting a chocolate in your mouth and discovering what’s inside.


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