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Lechaim Peisachovka Kosher Vodka 750ML

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Lechaim Peisachovka Kosher

"Kosher for Passover. PEISACHOVKA is a traditional Jewish drink whose recipe has been passed from generation to generation over the past 400 years.  The product before you is the perfect embodiment of that rich history.  We created a superior quality version of this unique and festive drink that, with its smoothness, lovely aroma, and a pleasant warming effect, will adorn any feast.
Natural food and beverages, now a popular way to stay healthy, is quite a recent trend.  But very few people realize that thousands of years ago Jewish diet laws (Kashrut, or G-d’s diet) already established most of the principles that have become so fashionable lately.  Our whole line of Kosher spirits LECHAIM, including this vodka, is made in strict compliance with these ancient laws. " -Producer

Vodka 750ML, Israel


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