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Lagavulin 12 Year Old Cask Strength 750ML

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Lagavulin 12 Year Old Cask Strength 2018 Edition

"From Islay's most famous distillery, this unusually elegant expression of what was, for whisky writer Michael Jackson, 'Islay's most complex malt,' combines the classic Lagavulin intensity with soft, beguiling aromas and a delicious smoky sweetness. Add water and those aromas will take you to the seaside; salty sea air, hot sand, a distant thread of smoke, a trace of lemon. It's like drifting close to shore on a waterbed, with a glass of fresh lemonade. In the mouth it's smooth and vibrant, with lemon-lime zest; herbal, then drying, with masses of fragrant smoke. Adding water makes things fuller, smoother, and richer, while the finish is lengthy and warming, with notes of smoky tar. This is a truly appetising Lagavulin, with a smooth, assured character." —Producer

94 points- Whisky Advocate

"There’s precious little reticence about this beast, which leaps out of the glass blowing peat smoke everywhere — then comes raffia, Lapsang Souchong tea, seashore, wet rocks, Elastoplast, talcum powder, bog myrtle (laurel), vetiver, and the aromas of a just-expunged peat bonfire with apples baking on it. Huge and complex, in other words. The palate starts with a fug of smoke being belched at you (non-peat freaks look away, now) then distinct saltiness enlivens the tongue before everything plunges down; intense sweetness takes charge for a moment before it shifts into charred creosoted timbers. This begs for some water, and when it’s added, out comes sandalwood and peat smoke and tar and an orris root-like character — it’s not often I get gin-like notes on Lagavulin, but it’s here — which rolls over you as you roll over and succumb to its power. After this year’s sublime distillery-only bottling, it’s clear that Lagavulin is in a real purple patch. Superb."

Islay Single Malt Whisky 750ML


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Single Malt Scotch

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    A strong smokey flavor, with a "Hello" alcohol kick that makes you want another sip. Great straight, a little water, or sweetened with a little Mt,Gay XO Rum.

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