Kozuba Starkus 750ML

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Product of: Poland
Varietal/Type: Vodka
Size: 750ML


Kozuba Starkus

"According to tales, legends, stories and folklore, the stork is a bird that has special protection as it is he that delivers newborns. And the new liquor from our distillery, called Starkus, comes from the stork….
Starka is a vodka which has been known in Poland and Lithuania since the XV century. In the middle ages Lithuanian tradesmen transferred vodka into oak barrels so that over the course of a long journey the beverage would gain its characteristic amber colour. The name of this vodka originates from the Lithuanian word “starkus” meaning “stork”. The tradition of producing “stork” vodka finds its roots in an old custom whereby when a baby was born, the master of the house would bury a barrel of homemade vodka and leave it unopened until the day the grown child was married.
Sources claim that starka was known as a dry, rye vodka made across Poland and Lithuania. Tradition has become set in stone and the beverage known as Starkus from the family distillery is the only such liquor produced from rye malt in the micro distillation process with the use of a copper alembic, followed by ageing in barrels made from white American oak. This noble liquor, created for you, Dear Customer, is produced using only the very best raw products, which are then processed in machinery of the highest quality without any use of chemical additives. This unique beverage is intended for those who search for fine tastes and who are adept in the art of mixology – for Starkus forms an interesting base upon which to create cocktails." -Producer


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