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Jeffersons Chef Collaboration 750ML

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Jeffersons Chef's Collaboration 750ML

Ridiculously small batch limited offering is a marriage of very rare barrels of bourbon and rye. We wanted a blend with harmonious flavors, with smoke and spice. It is just as pretty alone in a glass as it is alongside the supper table. This is a singular, custom blend, the result of our collaboration and freidnship. Here now, but gone soon. Drink up.


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  • 5

    Complex but excessible and delicious

    We were introduced to this bourbon at Milkwood Restaurant and found it exceptional and so delicious so I went online to find it. Glad Liquor Barn had it.

  • 4

    A delicious blend of bourbon and rye

    With Chef's Collaboration, Jefferson attempts to create a Whisky blend designed to be paired with food. This is a bold challenge and they have made a bold blend that would pair well with many a hearty meal. This is not a delicate drink and at 94 proof, will still overpower much lighter fare. This would be good with a hearty stew, steak or BBQ. Limited batch probably won't last long. Thanks to Liquor Barn for making it available when I couldn't find it at my local store.

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