International Shipping


You can place an order for international shipping* (where available) at your sole own risk. Maximum accepted order may not exceed 24 bottles or 40 lbs., whatever comes first, or as permitted by laws in your country.

Due to customs clearance procedures, we do not accept international gift orders from U.S. residents.

You are not required to use shipping option offered on this website. You can always arrange your own delivery services if available. In case you use express delivery service offered on the website and we arrange international shipping for you on your behalf, we shall reserve the right to reject or amend any order in our absolute discretion for any reason, including in the event of unavailability.

NOTICE: international shipping rates are not integrated to our system at this time. All shipping rates are only estimated. Shipping rates will be adjusted to the actual after an order is placed. Unexpected additional charges may occur due to DHL Express Remote Area Surcharges.  You will also be required to pay any duties or taxes which attach to the supply and delivery of the Product, including but not limited to customs duties. It is solely your responsibility to obtain information about customs duties and any duties, markups or taxes in the destination country, before you place an order.

Special WARNING to Canadian Residents:  You can only import into your province of residence and must be of legal drinking age in your province. Authorization must be obtained from your provincial liquor board before customs release. Most provinces permit businesses and individuals to import as long as the goods are not re-sold (incl. at an event). Each province has a mark up and requires specific details to approve your importation. In addition to the mark up, federal customs and excise taxes will apply. Be sure to know the following details before shipping: year, country of origin, manufacturer, alcohol content, brand, proof of payment (most information will be in commercial invoice and your order confirmation email). At this time orders will be accepted only from residents of Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario. Due to the  customs procedures any gift orders or orders with different billing and shipping addresses will not be accepted, unless buyer and recipient is the same person. Orders for shipping to different than your residence province can't be accepted.

* Residents of Ontario, please read an important information from website before you order. You must also provide to the customs broker a completed Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) indicating the brand name(s), vintage if applicable, alcohol by volume, format, quantity and accurate valuation. CCIs are available by clicking here. Please keep in mind that LCBO will charge you 143.7% of value at the border.

* Residents of Quebec please read Personal Importation information and use online permit issuing system.

* Residents of British Columbia please contact BC Liquor Distribution Branch for customs clearance. Please keep in mind that Liquor Distribution Branch will charge you 59.9% of value at the border.

* Residents of Alberta please contact AGLC customs team at directly for customs clearance.

At this time the website offers international express delivery services to the other following countries:

Australia - No de-minims value rule. All Alcohol products are subject to high rates of duties (excise and WET tax) and GST upon importation at Australian Border regardless of the importation value declared. We do not offer shipping to Queensland and Northern Territories.

Austria - 30 liters limit without import license. Excise tax may apply.

Belgium - Please check with customs authorities.

Bulgaria - For personal use, not for resale. Less than 2 liters are not subject to duties and tax. Reasonable quantity 6x750ML bottles.

Canada - Please read information provided above. (residents of Ontario by consent only)

Czech Republic - Excise tax may apply. 

Denmark - Please check with customs authorities.

Finland - All imports of alcoholic beverages from outside the EU are subject to customs duty, VAT, alcohol tax and beverage container tax.

Germany - Please check with customs authorities.

Greece - Gift shipments or personal use, not for resale. Limit is unknown.

Hungary - Excise tax may apply.

Israel - Maximum 2 liters per shipment.

Italy - Temporarily closed (Customs authorities informed that only documents are accepted for clearance at this time)

Japan - Shipments must be for “personal use” and not for resale. Shipment weight shall not exceed 10kg.

Netherlands - Please check with customs authorities.

New Zealand - No known limit for personal purchase.

Norway - Maximum quantity five (5) 750ml bottles for personal purchase.

Poland - Private importers are only allowed to import maximum 1 liter of alcohol for personal consumption. Private consumption of value up to €22 are duty exempt. Gift value up to €45 are duty exempt.

Portugal - Reasonable quantity guideline is six (6) bottles of 750ml for personal purchase.

Singapore - The total quantity per shipment shall not exceed 5 liters.

South Korea - For personal use, not for resale. Total quantity shall not exceed twelve (12) bottles. Total value shall not exceed US $ 1,560

Spain - Please check with customs authorities.

Switzerland - Shipment weight must not exceed 20kg.

Taiwan - Personal purchase must be less than 5 liters. Subject to duty, tax and excise tax.

United Kingdom - Spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol - 4 liters for personal use.

Residents of other countries, please check with regulations for importation of alcohol for personal use or consumption. We may consider to review possibilities to open these shipments. Otherwise, you can always arrange your own delivery services at your own risk. 

All Products are not returnable due to Customs complications. Absolutely no returns may be accepted. All sales are final. It is important to note that all images and descriptions are intended for illustrative purposes only and may not be exact representations of actual product, label, vintage, bottle shape, etc. Please note that we are not responsible for any return shipping costs you may incur, unless your item arrived damaged upon receipt.

Warning: There will be absolutely NO REFUND if clearance procedures and payment of duties and taxes at the border are declined by purchaser.