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Iceberg 1.75L

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Product of: Canada
Varietal/Type: Vodka
Size: 1.75L


Iceberg Vodka

""There are two key elements for great vodka: clean, pure neutral spirit plus water. We are the only vodka to blend our Canadian triple distilled spirit with water that has been harvested from icebergs, which is the purest source of water on the planet. "This is why we have been able to trademark the claim, 'Iceberg Vodka is the purest vodka in the world,'"  says David Meyers, President and CEO of Iceberg. "Enjoy our vodka neat, on ice, chilled, super-chilled – or with your favourite mixers. Cheers!"" -Producer

1.75L, Canada

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Best Vodka ever!!
Written by Pat on 25th Mar 2015

I first heard of Iceberg Vodka on TV years ago and I wanted to try it. It had the smoothest taste so I kept buying it. Then it got difficult to find. Only one store in Las Vegas had it for a while then no more. I did try a few others in a taste test with friends but the Iceberg Vodka won out with everyone. I decided to check on the web and happily found it. Do your own taste test and see for yourself that it's the best by far. No need to buy those well known high price Vodka's when Iceberg Vodka is available. If you must pour the Iceberg into the empty high price bottles UNTIL your friends do their own taste test.

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