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Hardy Napoleon

"A blend of Grande, Petite and Borderies Cognacs, Napoleon contains the aromas of nuts and honey. Sweet chocolate covered cherries and oak compliments each other admirably well. It mellows out into a caramel cherry taste that’s delightful. In a blind tasting conducted by the Beverage Tasting Institute, Hardy Napoleon was rated No. 1 and outscored the competition for quality. Aged a minimum of 15 years in limousin oak." -Producer

750ML Cognac, France


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Hardy VSOP

Hardy VSOP Cognac 750ML

Hardy VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac 750ML Blend of Grand and Petite Champagne aged for minimum of 8 years. Hardy VSOP charms the eye with its bronze colour and deep, attractive tints, and the nose...
Landy XO

Landy Cognac XO 750ML


Landy Cognac XO 750ML, France "Landy XO is one of the most highly aromatic Cognacs, with deep and rich notes of toffee, hazelnut, raisins and apricots. The flavors are equally deep and rich, with...
Seguinot Napoleon

Seguinot Napoleon Cognac 750ML

Seguinot Napoleon Cognac 750ML, France Color: Amber Flavour: Soft and fruity bouquet with notes of herbs and wood. Taste: Well structured body. At the palate smooth and gentle with notes of honey...
Hardy VS Cognac

Hardy VS 750ML


Hardy VS 750ML Cognac, France Select blend of cognacs aged for a minimum of five years in limousine oak. Medium bodied and well balanced with suggestions of caramel and honey.  
Courvoisier 12 Years Old 750

Courvoisier 12 Year 750ML

Courvoisier 12 Year Cognac The Borderies eaux-de-vie develops a certain floral and spicy note after 12 years of ageing. On the nose: Some notes of violets, orange blossoms, followed by ginger...
Hardy VSOP

Hardy VSOP 1L

Hardy VSOP 1L Cognac, France This cognac is the combination of delicious water and hearty grapes. It has a medium body, fruity aroma, with a smooth finish.
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Fransac XO
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Fransac Cognac XO 25 Year

MSRP: $129.99
Roullet-Fransac XO Cognac 25 Year Cognac"Aged for over 25 years in french oak barrels, this exceptional cognac is created exclusively with eaux-de-vie from the very heart of Cognac's...
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Martell Noblige 750ML

Martell Noblige 750ML Cognac, France "There is a certain elegance and an element of indulgence about Martell Noblige. Here, we find ourselves in the exceptional VSOP category, since this cognac is...

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