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Feni Cashew Liqueur 750ML

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Feni Cashew Apple Brandy Liqueur
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Feni Cashew Apple Brandy Liqueur 750ML


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  • 4

    Spirit of India Feni Cashew Liqueur

    This is the first Feni I've ever had and I was very impressed. Really nice, clean flavor. I had it on the rocks and it's very refreshing. It has a rather odd sour smell, but that doesn't affect the taste at all. I highly recommend it.

  • 4

    Good stuff

    Authentic taste

  • 5


    Simply the BEST!

  • 5


    I am a Goan, so I have to say, I appreciate this drink. It is an acquired taste , just like drinking any other alcohol. I hope, you continue to carry Feni. I know a few Goans, in the USA, who would love to buy, from you. Thank you.

  • 5


    Best product

  • 5

    Cashew Feni

    Definitely , an acquired taste. Brings back a lot of good memories. Last drank it about 40 years ago. I had it with ice and squeezed lime juice. The three bottles, that I bought from TheLiquorbarn, were very well packed and the delivery, was right on time. The price was right!

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