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Etno Pear Brandy Viljamovka
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Etno Pear Brandy

is distillef from organic, fully ripe pears.  Viljamovka 1L,  Serbia


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Fruit Brandy

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    Excellent Rakija

    Etno rakija (pronounced rah-kee-yah) (aka brandy) is the best brand that we have found in the United States. As with most Serbian families, our family in Serbia produces it's own rakija, so I feel like I am a good judge of rakija since I have tried many different fruit brandy varieties from many different friends, families, and strangers (yes, this happens quite frequently) in Belgrade. Everyone is quite proud of their family recipes. My personal favorite is this pear rakija, although my husband prefers the apricot rakija (also made by Etno). Quince and plum are also delicious. We have tried all of Etno's brandies and pear is the smoothest, in my opinion. Keep it in the freezer and sip it ice cold from small glasses. When you clink glasses, lock eyes with your drinking buddy, and say "Ziveli!" (pronounced zyee-va-lee)

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